A thoroughly nasty neighbour.

Phoenix Rainez

If any of you have watched the tv series Neighbours behaving badly, well that’s exactly our situation at home, the last 9 months involving parking.

After continuous complaints to the authorities ‘no parking’ signs were eventually put up, but the neighbour across the road who insisted on parking in our drive way totally ignored the signs and parked there again and continues to do so.

My husband attempted to take a photo of his car parked next to the no parking sign to send to the housing authorities. The neighbour ran over, confronted him, verbally abusing and threatening him. This youngster is in his 20’s my husband’s in his 60’s and not in the best of health.

To cut a long story short my husband drove off to the shops leaving the neighbour swearing. On his return this youngster had now parked in my husband’s private parking.

We bought the…

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